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  • Agel 5:35 PM on August 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    No score and 7 months ago… 

    A long time has passed since I last posted here. To be honest, I quit sarging for all that while. Reasons are many: I got no results from it (not that I tried much either), I’ve been convinced by the guy I mentioned in previous posts (DD) that sarging doesn’t work (stupid of me), college kept me busy etc. But now I have a message for y’all:

    I’m back in business, baby!

    That’s right. We were lucky enough to find a local PUA that, well, let’s just say he managed to boost our energy back to an operating level. I’m not going to post boring details, after all this is just a quick update to let you guys know that Agel is still here.

    One more thing: from now on, I might be a little more open to David DeAngelo’s methods, as these are the only ones I know for sure (at the moment) to be working here in Romania. I’ll keep you updated.

    Your friendly neighborhood,

    P.S. The title is as in “four score and 7 years ago…”.

  • Agel 2:47 PM on January 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Is it wrong to be a PUA? 

    I found out that many people are wondering if being a PUA is right or wrong (morally speaking, of course). I’m going to tell you the conclusion I reached about this while studying the art and science of sarging.

    The first thing I’m gonna tell you is that knowledge can’t harm. It’s what you do with it that makes all the damage. Therefore, it’s the PUA that decides whether to do good or bad things with what he learned. I personally consider some NLP techniques to be simply evil. Simply said, compulsion is bad.

    What I do with the material I learn is use it to become a women’s ideal guy. All I do is improving myself for the sake of satisfying women. True, I do it mostly for me, but what’s most important is that women don’t get harmed during the process, but instead get what they want too: a man every woman wishes she has.

    And, as a bonus, I don’t cheat on my girlfriends. I dump them first (just kidding). Yep, I truly am a nice guy and I wish you all were the same. If you don’t like having only one woman, you have two options: find one who likes threesomes, or have one night stands only!

    Come to the good side, we have angels, lots of white and good music! As in Heaven. 🙂

  • Agel 9:18 PM on December 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Field Report #2: Even More Ice 

    After yesterday’s “adventure” to the ice skating rink I decided to go practice some more. Skating, that is. So I went there in the morning with my sarging buddy DD (yes, he was with me yesterday too) and it all worked better than we expected.

    Besides learning to skate much better, I also approached a few HBs and made some progress with some of them (no close with any though). I mainly used David DeAngelo’s method (Cocky and Funny), even though I’m personally a fan of the Mystery Method. The reason I did that is because it felt more natural, considering that people go ice skating to have fun, after all.

    The first HB I opened, let’s just call her Jailbait (I think that’s self-explanatory), was not one I was interested in at all. She was a 7 and although she was better than me at skating, she was far from being an expert. And, as I was having fun watching her fall, I dropped the opener: “Hey, I like your moves. Can you do the falling part again?” (also a neg, eh?). After a few more minutes of falling, joking and laughing, we ended up talking on the side of the rink. All of a sudden I got a big IOI: “By the way, I’m Jailbait. You?”. I was on the right track.

    But we were on a skating rink after all and we kinda split up as she went skating faster than I could, when I saw her with DD. He was the one who initially noticed the HB and wanted to approach her, true, but after a few minutes of watching him do nothing about it, I took over. But now, after I opened her, he stole my target. That pissed me off a bit, but there’s no point talking about it. Later on, after both of us ignored her for a while, she came asking for a cigarette. Damn kids! I used this opportunity to drop a variation of a line I saw on the Internet (original line by Dahunter): “Aren’t you a little too young to smoke? Why don’t you go sit on the corner, while I bring you a coloring book?”. Yeah, that was mean. But I didn’t care. Plus, she laughed. You don’t laugh when you feel insulted! But, well, that’s about as far as I went with this one. Nothing else “big” happened after this moment.

    The second HB I worked my game on was a chick who was there with some friends, one of which was a great skater who had the bad habit of passing by me in high speed and making me fall. That’s how I approached the group. I talked to the guy, ignoring the chick. Later the two of them held hands and rushed towards me to make me fall. Fortunately, their bond was weak so I didn’t fall. But they did it again after a while and managed to get me down.

    Me and the HB started a little snow fight and I then threatened to throw her in a snow pile just outside the ring. I grabbed her arms trying to push her there (no, I wasn’t going to actually push her in the snow), but she was too good of a skater and took control by skating backwards. Damn, how come all the good HBs can skate better than me?! Still, while doing this I isolated her from her group (and they didn’t seem to mind at all, even though I didn’t DHV to them). But, as an idiot that I am, I let her go before actually running some routines on her.

    Besides more socializing with the people on the rink at all times (for social proof and to get rid of my AA) and DHV to some beginner HBs (5s at most though), I didn’t do any more sarging. But considering running game on HBs wasn’t even part of my plan for the morning, I’d say it was a good day. I had a lot of fun and that’s all that matters.

  • Agel 9:25 PM on December 29, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Field Report #1: Ice Skating? 

    If there’s anything I learned from this first field trip is that ice skating rinks don’t have as many unaccompanied HBs as one may think. No really, they don’t.

    So I went ice skating for my first time (yes, I failed hard, certainly couldn’t use the surroundings to DHV). Well, at least I used this “cover” to go sarging. Most of the HBs there were with their BFs, so I mostly tried not to fall and maybe even learn to skate a bit.

    When I finally found a two-set (both HB8), I opened it with a simple straight-forward routine I made up like 5 minutes before. It was something like “Hey, do you guys know how to skate? Cause I could really use some tips.” Well, the brunette HB politely said “no” (and it’s true, they couldn’t), but the blonde one made such a freaky face that got me leaving as far as possible. At first I thought it was the routine, but I know I delivered it good enough (it felt… natural). What was the problem? No idea.

    After that I really didn’t see any other approachable HBs (there was one, actually, but she was in the middle of the freaking rink and I sucked too much to leave the side). So, yeah, I pretty much failed to do any sarging except for opening that set (though I could hardly call that worthy of mentioning).

    This first field trip allowed me to notice how much I have to work on my AA. I now also know that sarging works better on a known field, so to speak. A PUA will be more natural this way. That’s why I’m gonna practice ice skating a lot more before attempting to sarge there again.

    • noblesse oblige 12:09 AM on January 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      when you sarge you should really try to get the girls. your question could be easily answered that is why it went wrong. Ask the girls how your friend should handle a break up. It opens them to discussion. I open a set with questions that will open them up. Also bring friends and girls with you to make yoruself look cool when gaming.

      • Agel 9:58 AM on February 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Maybe you’re right. I should take my time into learning more about making up routines. 🙂

    • wizardoneness 5:36 PM on January 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      confusing isn’t it Enjoy Pua warrior:) be confusing and make sense thats my Game LOL:)

    • wizardoneness 10:46 AM on January 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      super brother i get that a lot, the freaky face response what i do is back a little of to create more comfort … it is clearly that if we get that response her comfort levels are down, way before i think of openers as compliance test’s. what i do if i get that response is I neg her non verbally i do the my mirror routine. remember when you were a kind and you are playing with your friends and you mimic everything they do it is like that. Mimic the one having the response then onto your next routine.or what i do is mimic her while delivering the next routine.. over talking cause’s their brain to go confused and when they are make easy emotional statements like the sun is bright but talk slow like mystery the pauses are crucial… sarge on brother add this group super brother

      • Agel 2:32 PM on January 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the help. I read about the mirror routine a while ago and completely forgot about it.

  • Agel 6:11 PM on December 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Hello, Pickup Artists everywhere! 

    I’m Agel, a Romanian young adult new to sarging.

    I discovered the PUA community early this year when I somehow stumbled upon Style’s (Neil Strauss) book, The Game. At first I didn’t take it too seriously, but after finally convincing myself to start reading it, the potential of the material hit me in full force.

    You see, I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t take stuff for granted. But everything there seemed right. It helped me notice what I’ve done wrong and, even more, to understand why my, well, methods weren’t exactly as right as I thought they were.

    So I started digging further into the material. That’s where I am now. Re-reading Style’s book, studying articles and trying to understand in a logic way how this stuff works (so that I won’t become a sarge robot, but a pickup artist). So far, I’ve done pretty well. I know the basics on a more than acceptable level, so I’m ready to move on to the real part: sarging.

    In the eve of the Christmas Day I promised myself not to give up. I made it my goal to evolve to the point where I can give back to the community for offering me this chance.

    This blog is a journal where I keep track of my evolution. I’m going to both share my knowledge with the wannabe PUAs and ask for help from any eventual more advanced artist who might follow this weblog.

    Yours always,

    • Agel 9:57 AM on February 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hard, definitely hard. Some of the Cocky and Funny routines (but not only these) are considered to be of bad taste by some women here, as a great amount of people try to prevent gypsies from mixing in with the real Romanians, so whatever looks like something they’d say… well, it’s simply not accepted.

      While for pre-selection, I haven’t done much sarging to begin with, I must say. But I always tried to keep women around me for social and S&R value.

    • noblesse oblige 11:55 PM on January 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      how is sarging in romania and have you used preselection yet!

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